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Yoga and disability

"Healing is an art - we've gotten lost in thinking it's just a science"

Note to self... DON'T do hydrotherapy and yoga on the same day!

So it's been a few days since I have written here and there's a good reason for that. Last week was my first session of hydrotherapy. Now while I love the hydro, I would highly recommend never to do it on the same day as yoga. I had pains in muscles that I forgot I had. All in the name of getting healthy and more active. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Due to the type of Cerebral Palsy I have, my balance isn't the best at the best of times so when I first mentioned yoga to my fiancé he gave me that look. You know the look. The "I love you but I think you're being a little silly" look. With a little searching on YouTube, I found a video dedicated to yoga for people with disabilities. It's inspired by Matthew Sanford. Matthew is paralysed from the chest down and has developed a program to allow those that have limited mobility stay healthy through yoga.

"Healing is an art. We've gotten lost in thinking it's just a science"

- Matthew Sanford, Yoga Teacher​

There's many different exercise programs out there for those of us that have different levels of mobility and ALWAYS consult your medical professional/therapist before starting any form of exercise. I was lucky to be able to find a good video program that I can follow easily and with minimal assistance from my fiancé. He is always there just in case but having the independence to be able to exercise on my own is something that I really wanted.

Like many others, I have had an entire lifetime of physiotherapy. Probably enough physio and stretching to last two lifetimes. Growing up, I never appreciated how physio would help me. Now older and wiser, I really value physical therapy. Yoga is different though. In the immortal words of Bones McCoy from Star Trek "It's exercise Jim but not as we know it". Ok I paraphrase and even possibly made that quote up but you catch my drift.

Just because I can't do the Padangustha Padma Utkatasana (yes that is a real move) I'm pretty good at the Downward Dog (yep another move). There's various moves and poses to suit various abilities and that's what I found best about yoga. Like I said at the beginning though. Remember, when getting started - yoga and hydro don't mix well. Note, that a heat pack may going to be your friend after any new exercise, and would suggest to invest in a couple.

Until next time...

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