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Introducing Blogger Brooke

Please welcome resident Blogger - Brooke Franklin

My abilities may surprise you...

Hello everyone, my name is Brooke. I'm 32 years old and have spastic dyplegia cerebral palsy. I didn't walk until the age of four. Regardless of the obstacles faced in life. I have never let my disability define who I am. I am a fully qualified make-up artist. I have worked in retail and broadband technical support as well as for the Government.

Walking across the Carrick rope bridge. 20 meters long and 30 meters high

In my 20's I packed up my things and moved to Northern Ireland alone with no family and started an adventure of my own as I wanted to experience a different culture. Along the way I have met many people who are now friends, including my fiancé Martin. I have travelled to the UK and France and while living in Ireland I abseiled off the Europa Hotel in Belfast 4 years ago, I am terrified of heights but I had to do it not just for charity but to show others like myself that our disability shouldn't stop us from having a go.

Me abseiling off the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

Fast forward to today. I am now living back in Perth with Martin. I am in a wheelchair for the time being but each day is a new day and I consider myself very lucky. My life hasn't been easy and I have had a lot of therapy and been through a lot of pain even to this day. But I get out of bed every day ready to face the challenges head on.

I don't let my disability control my ability to get out and about in the world and I am now in the process following my ambition to start my own business. This is just one of the many steps I hope to achieve to break the stigma for people with disabilities that anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it no matter what your ability or limitations may be.

I am very much a people person although I am quite shy at times. I enjoy meeting new people, networking and helping to encourage others to achieve their goals. I hope you will all join me as I share my experiences, thoughts and opinions of being a different type of normal.

Until next time,

Dream, Believe, Achieve :)

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