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“I get knocked down. I get up again.”

Dealing with unexpected illnesses.

In the words of those musical geniuses Chumbawamba: “I get knocked down. I get up again.”

Well that escalated quickly...

It is amazing how quickly things can change. One day you feel fighting fit and ready to take on the world - next thing you know you're in a hospital emergency department surrounded by Doctors and Nurses getting revived. But “you are never gonna keep me down”. Right now I'm pumped up on that many medications, that if I move too quick I sound like a pair of maracas! At first I thought I had a simple cold, self-medicating and some cold and flu tablets. I soon found out this assumption was very wrong. Two separate chest infections, a sinus infection, a bad asthma flare up later, two visits to the emergency department and a short stay in the hospital, I am only now starting to feel remotely human. I thought I knew my body and my health, but it looks like I was mistaken! Whatever sparked all of this off really hit hard. I have also found out that I have a rare type of asthma called eosinophilic asthma and I need to see a lung and respiratory specialist for more tests.

How well do you know your body?

How well do you know your body? Growing up with a disability I've always spend a lot of time in hospital and being “sick” was always part of my cerebral palsy as my immune system isn't as good as it should be. With that being said I thought I had a pretty good handle on my health and knew what to look out for to avoid those extra trips to the hospital. My recent experiences have led me to reevaluate how I look at my health and take new steps to keep my health in check. After speaking with the health professionals at the hospital I have learned so much more about my wellbeing.

Dealing with unexpected health problems...

Apart from the health professionals that looked after me in the hospital I'm grateful for the out of hours service Dial-A-Doctor that has been able to come out to see me in the evenings. One of the Dial-A-Doctor Doctors made the biggest difference, calling the ambulance as a Priority 1 (the highest priority) that led to my stay in hospital. If he hadn't called the ambulance when he did, I don't even want to think about what could have happened. Whilst in hospital I had to stay in quarantine. Now rested at home, I am on bed rest for up to four weeks or until I get my results.

Insuring you stay on top!

If an out of hours doctor services operate in your area then I would highly recommend using them. They could quite literally save your life. I also have private health insurance and I have urgent and non-urgent ambulance cover. This really helped as I've had two different ambulance trips a week apart. Even with the concession applied ambulances are not cheap. Little steps like this reap big rewards for those times when ill health gets the better of you.

I get knocked down. I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down. Now that I'm back to (almost) feeling human I'll be back soon with some new and exciting experiences.

Till next time,

Dream, Achieve, Believe

P.S. I apologise for my absence with my blogs as this has been my life recently. My wonderful fiancé can't get rid of me that easy and neither can you!

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