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    Care Collective has been co-designed with people with disability, families and service providers.

    I absolutely love your website it’s easy to access and easy to sign up.

    - Mum

    Thank you! This is the answer to a problem that has been frustrating me for so long!

    - Disability Educator

    What an awesome idea. This is so innovative and a big step up from Gumtree advertisements. The site is so easy to navigate and interact with. I love seeing such simple, yet powerful ideas. - Support Worker

    I look forward to sharing all this with my colleagues at the Autism CRC. It will be a great success, given the acute need for such a service. - Judy Brewer AO, Chair, Autism CRC Ltd

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    Care Collective is a disability marketplace and community where people with disabilities and their families can search for services, support workers, events, resources and more! We believe genuine relationships build mutual trust and respect, so the staff and worker profiles ensure transparency behind service providers, and recognises leaders in the sector.


    Find a Support Worker or create an listing to advertise your needs. You can also buy, list and sell or pay it forward disability products - such as books, wheelchairs and more. Become a member and join the movement today. Did we mention that it's 100% free for people with disabilities and their family? Try it today!


    More information about NDIS can be found at:

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    Well first of all welcome to 2018! I hope everyone had a good holiday break and have settled into...
    November 7, 2017
    I recently had the pleasure of attending the ATCHAT official launch party and it was an amazing...
    In the words of those musical geniuses Chumbawamba: “I get knocked down. I get up again.” Well...
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    Pete is a fun loving guy, curious to learn new things and passionate about living an exciting life with heaps of friends and family around him. His interests include going out, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, food, travelling and holidays, going for drives and keeping fit. He also does voluntary work with scouts and as an advocate.


    Ideas Generator

    Caris has a background in Health Science and Economics. Her post-graduate studies explored Indigenous youths' perspectives on disability (Yarning About Disability). She has taken Care Collective through three accelerator programs, RAC SeedSpark, Founder Institute and HBF Activate.

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